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General Characteristics

  • A calendared plastic sheet that is a unique mixture of clay (calcium carbonate) & polypropylene resin.

  • Feels, looks, prints, and fabricates like paper, but with the durability and tear resistance of plastic.

  • A single-layered substrate whose micro-porous surface offers superior ink adhesion and excellent bonding characteristics. With a more uniform gauge tolerance and anti-static printing surface, our synthetic papers are easily printable (no pre-treatment) via: offset, lithography, flexo, gravure, letterpress, and screen process printing.

  • Dimensionally stable and can withstand temperatures ranging from –60°F to +200°F and resistant to cracking, abrasion, shrinking or any distortion in color or sheet size

  • 100% waterproof and will not be affected by moisture or humidity

  • Offers superior tear and resistance over paper

  • Formulated with anti-static agents and offers a porous printing surface, good layflat, and a very close gauge tolerance suitable for high speed printing, folding, and stacking

  • Porous surface allows ink to be absorbed underneath it's surface preventing the printed image from being damaged by scratching or scuffing.

  • Easily washable with a a damp cloth when removing stains such as grease, oil, foods, soft drinks, soaps, and/or detergents


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