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General Characteristics

  • A low cost, sparkling clear, durable and rigid plastic material with high impact strength

  • Tough enough to handle the abuses of an active consumer environment

  • Easy to fabricate--it drills, routes and cuts (die, saw and guillotine) without cracking or splintering, and can be cold or heat bent, and thermoformed without stress whitening, hazing or pre-drying

  • Allows easy viewing of contents and optimal packaging flexibility

  • Resists weathering, common cleaners and other harsh chemicals

  • Cost effective: replaces more expensive materials such as glass, acrylic or polycarbonate and weighs less than glass and breaks only under the most extreme circumstances, reducing the cost of packaging materials, ruined pieces and shipping

  • Easy and safe to handle, minimizing liability concerns associated with broken fixtures, signs and displays

  • Environmentally safe and 100% recyclable 




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