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General Characteristics

  • High quality, easy printing substrate

  • An inexpensive, versatile material available in countless configurations

  • Excellent non-corona treated dyne level and roughness profile on matte surface insure consistent and high quality printing. Corona treatment increases gloss dyne levels to insure ease of printing and a shiny look without secondary lamination

  • Compatible with coated and uncoated materials where overlays are required

  • Handles well in most fabrication processes including die-cutting, embossing, thermoforming and hot stamping

  • Outstanding flexural durability and character height retention

  • Excellent weatherability, UV resistance and chemical tolerance in outdoor applications


Finishes & Grains

Matte/Matte (stock surface)

Slightly textured surface available in 14 stock colors and 4 stock Gauges. Matte is the most popular finish for all products, compatible with screen-printing, foil stamping, and sonic welding. Custom colors are available with PMS color matching and custom sizes and gauges to meet any possible specifications.


Gloss/Gloss (stock surface)

Stocked in White, Black and Clear, and corona treated to ensure that your ink sticks; all colors are also available on special order with custom color matching.


Velvet/Gloss (stock surface)

An affordable alternative to Polycarbonate, this surface combination provides the easy printability of corona treated gloss vinyl with the scratch resistance of a velvet surface.


Press Polished (custom with no minimums)

Using thermal techniques, sheets are press polished to provide a near perfect glossy finish; custom colors, gauges and sizes available with a relatively quicker turnaround than most custom jobs.


Box Lid Grade (custom)

Available from gauges .007-.020, box lid grade vinyl allows for perfect, non-whitening scores and folds on a printable surface; combine with Velvet/Matte surfaces and you have a low cost polycarbonate alternative.


Copolymer (custom; matching or specs required)

Specialty "card" grade, used to bond substrates in lamination; custom configuration to match your temperatures and bake times.


Forming Grade (custom)

Specialty grade, used in forming applications.


Accepted by a wide range of industries including automotive, appliance, computer, electronic, medical and display in the following applications:


• Shelf talkers
• Wobblers
• Table tents
• Shelf strips
• Posters

• Membership cards
• Greeting cards
• Advertisement cards
• Placards
• Counter cards

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