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General Characteristics

  • Durable, low cost plastic material

  • Surface will not wrinkle despite severe temperature changes; weather resistant, withstanding exposure to most chemicals

  • Long-life, flexible hinges, that will not break or tear (does stress whiten)

  • Variety of Surface Textures and Finishes including matte (stock); soft crush and porcelain

  • 8 stock colors: white, black, frost, yellow, orange, ivory, light blue, dark blue, green, red and gray, with color matching available (500 lb. min.)

  • Stock gauges include .023, .035 .055 and .075; available gauges from .014 to .180

  • 100% Recyclable


Finishes & Grains

Matte (100 Grain)

slightly textured surface available in 13 stock colors and 4 stock gauges. Easily printed, foil stamped and hot welded.

Soft Crush (600 Grain)

lightly textured, leather-like look and feel. Takes well to screen and offset printing, sonic welding, foil stamping, and many other decoration and assembly methods.

Porcelain or Smooth (000 Grain)

a relatively new finish for polyolefins. Porcelain/Smooth is ideal for detailed screen or offset graphics on a shiny, extremely smooth surface reminiscent of fine porcelain china.


a new grain/pattern with raised diagonal lines across the substrate. Used with Polypropylene to give a vintage, retro look.


the most innovative material brought to market! DuraSilk is a lightweight heavy-duty material with a textured pattern.

Additional Finishes

custom finishes available for a particular look, feel or market segment.

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